Stories & Memories of Shneur Hirsch a"h

By: A classmate October 19

A real gem!

I was Shneur's classmate in 5th grade (he was always in my grade). When I think back, I remember how he got along so well with everyone, never ever getting into a fight or an argument, never heard anything not good about someone from him, even though he was quiet he was also friendly with everyone in the class, a real gem! Years later when I would meet him he would speak to me with the same friendliness, even though many years passed since we last spoke, it was as if no time passed. When they wrote about him that he was at the head of a large and successful company and a big Baal Tzedaka, it was a surprise for me, cause the way he carried himself and spoke to people, you would never have imagined that, he carried himself and spoke so normal and simple and not looking down in any way! His loss is so acute for anyone who knew him, (just by the number of people by the Levaya and Kevura, you could see that). May the family find comfort and continue in his amazing ways! Hamakom Yenachem Eschem Bsoch Shaar Aveilei Tzion Virusholayim. Moshiach Now!

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