Stories & Memories of Shneur Hirsch a"h

By: Rabbi Yosef Plotkin October 19

Shneur Hirsch, A Shliach in Business

As someone who was in contact with Shneur over the years, I saw within him two extremes. On one hand, he was a brilliant businessman who literally built a company out of his parents garage and turned it into a national icon, with tremendous hatzlacha, far beyond what people know.

Yet he had the extreme of yiras Shamayim, hatzneia leches, and so much eidelkeit and geon Yaakov – he would not compromise on frumkeit and Chassidishkeit.

He once mentioned to me that he sees his business as a shlichus to show people that you can be frum without compromise and still be successful in corporate America. That’s why he wanted everyone to be aware that the company was halachically sound and kosher.

He was extremely generous and a huge ba’al chessed and baal tzedaka, with the understanding that it was never ‘kochi v’etzem yadi,’ but only ‘birchas Hashem hi saashir.’

Yehi zichro baruch.

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