Stories & Memories of Shneur Hirsch a"h

By: A classmate October 19

A real gem!

I was Shneur's classmate in 5th grade (he was always in my grade). When I think back, I remember how he got along so well with everyone, never ever getting into a fight or an argument, never heard anything not good about someone from him, even though...

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By: Anonymous October 19

Dear Hirsch family

Dear Hirsch family, Hamakom Yinachem Eschem Bsoch Shaar Aveilei Tziyon Viyerushalayim. ...

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By: Rabbi Yosef Plotkin October 19

Shneur Hirsch, A Shliach in Business

As someone who was in contact with Shneur over the years, I saw within him two extremes. On one hand, he was a brilliant businessman who literally built a company out of his parents garage and turned it into a national icon, with tremendous...

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By: Anonymous November 10

Business with Yiras Shamyim

Shneur often inspired me on how to conduct and lead a business - having correct prospectives and priorities. Examples include hiring from our own community, even if salaries will be higher, giving tzedaka, and doing mivtzoim on business trips.

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