Stories & Memories of Tzion Goldstein

By: Mrs. Devorah Leah Goldstein (Wife of Tzion) August 7

A Brave, Fearless, Yet Gentle Fighter

Tzion was a very gentle Neshama but also fearless, brave and unafraid when he had to stand up and fight for what was right. During every challenging Nisoyon that came his way, he never wavered in his commitment as a Yorei shamayim Yid and a devoted chassid to his Rebbe.

His Ahavas Yisroel to his fellow Jew under the most trying circumstances was epic. Whether it was spending Tisha b'av calling the policemen in Israel to convince them not to take part in the Gush Katif fiasco..the tragic expulsion of 15,000 Jews from their homes.. Putting on Tefillin on fellow patients or doctors..regardless of his physical state..before, during or after surgeries and procedures. Listening to people and validating them..No matter what difficulties he himself was going through, he put the other person first.. When he had visitors, he would show concern about their wellbeing..and that of their family. Even in his seriously challenged health state, his Ahavas Yisroel remained solid. When he experienced sheker and apathy he confronted it head on. When a doctor came to his bedside with a group of students, Tzion asked her how she can help him improve. She suggested that he give up his battle to live and go to hospice. He told her that as a doctor her duty and obligation is to help cure her patients and give them hope and encouragement to get better, not the reverse. Especially that she had a duty and obligation to teach that to her students.This was probably the most pertinent info those medical students ever learned. During one of Tzion’s hospital stays, he had a Jewish roommate with whom he wanted to put on Tefillin. The person was resistant. As Tzion was trying to convince him, in walks the non - Jewish nurse and tells the roommate: "If he's asking you to wrap those straps around your arm then you better wrap’em! ." The reluctant Jew felt he had no choice and complied!! Afterwards he asked Tzion: "Why does everyone always take YOUR side?? My answer to that is because Tzion took the side of EMES- RAW UNFILTERED TRUTH. HE TOLD IT LIKE IT IS: “!ה’ אמת ותורתו אמת” HASHEM IS EMES AND HIS TORAH IS EMES. NO COMPROMISES!!!!!

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