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Rabbi Tzion Goldstein: A Legacy of Love, Life and a pure connection to Hashem

We have created this space to honor and remember our beloved husband, father and brother, Rabbi Tzion Goldstein, who passed away on Shabbos, the 20th of Av, the same day that we commemorate Reb Leivik’s Yartziet, the father of the Rebbe. A true Chossid, Tzion’s pure, wholehearted devotion to the Rebbe and his teachings reflects the greatness represented on this special day.

A pillar of strength alongside a kind and gentle, humble demeanor, he was a unique soul who touched and ignited the souls of so many others. His love of life and genuine care stood out amongst the community and continues to give us inspiration and comfort. This page is for all those who knew and cherished Tzion to come forward and share their memories, stories, and reflections.

May his steel determination and will break through all limitations and bring the Redemption with Moshiach Tzidkanu. May his gentle soul, and his light and warmth, enter our hearts and may we be speedily reunited with him and experience his unique and comforting presence. “May G-d bless you from Tzion”- the essence of the soul. The most treasured place within us is signed with your name.

May Rabbi Tzion Goldstein’s memory be a blessing, and may his love for Hashem, the Torah, and his fellow Jews continue to uplift, inspire and empower us to follow his footsteps as he leads the path to the final Geula. May his gentle soul inspire us as we move forward to the final redemption and revelation of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach.

Thank you so much in advance! From our heart to yours,

The Goldstein Family:) ❤️

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Tzion Goldstein

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