Stories & Memories of Tzion Goldstein

By: Mrs. Esther Blau August 7

Love of ALL

Tzion was a tall man. He was an Adam Godal. An exalted human being in character and avodas Hashem, the like that are rare and unmatched. Tzion was having the surgery that Boruch Hashem extended his life after so many doctors said there was nothing else to do.

I went to visit Tzion one or two days after surgery in NSUH. It was so difficult to see so much pain all over his face, which he carried so stoically. From there I took a taxi to the Ohel on the other side of Long Island. Full of hope for Tzions recovery, I wished Tzion a refuah shlaima and said, "Tzion I am going to the Ohel, what should I tell the Rebbe." His words still reverberate today. "On the Rebbe I have no taanos , no complaints. This was Tzion. I tell this to many of the people who didn't have the zchus to meet him. Tzion loved his family, loved Torah and mitzvos, he loved Hashem, and all Yidden. He was so grateful to every doctor, friend or human being that cared for him or his family. He wanted so much to live. If Hashem would have given him many more years to be with his family and to continue Torah and mitzvos, Tzion would have no complaints.

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