Stories & Memories of Tzion Goldstein

By: (17 Year Old) Esther Brocha Goldstein August 7

TRUTH, (A Song)

TRUTH Essence of truth, veiled by lies False takes over, blinding lit eyes Color hidden, rays of light forbidden Moon eclipses sun’s glow

A sleeping world of black Wills the sunshine back Darkness tragic, trembling panic Fills earthly beings

None can bear the wait They fear to know their fate Without sun’s golden glow all will end

When bleak looks bleakest And all seems lost When blindness settles Warmth traded for frost

When light is a shadow of the past Falseness uncovers Rays shining at last

A blast of warmth now rings it’s truthful sound Vision is clear, and color is found

It seemed it wouldn’t come They thought they’d lost their sun But now the ice and pain all ceases to be

Panic turns to song United all belong Peace now reigns for eternity.

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