Stories & Memories of Reb Velvel Marasow

By: Aryeh Lang May 8

Memories of my first Teacher in Crown Heights

Rabbi Morozov ZL holds a special place in my life and education as a Lubavitcher Chassid. Rabbi Morozov welcomed me to his third-grade class in Oholei Torah when our family moved from Miami to Crown Heights in the early Mem's/80's. In addition to the Torah and Davaning Rabbi Morozov taught me it was thanks to Rabbi Morozov that I learned to understand Yiddish. This has had a major impact on my life. Being on Shlichus for almost 18 years in a suburban city Camarillo, California. One of the powerful inspirations I look forward to is the weekly videos of the Rebbe my family watches together. I thank Rabbi Morozov for giving me important tools to stay inspired and work to inspire other Yidden.

I also have fond memories of my youth hearing Rabbi Morozv's impeccable weekly Laining at the Shul my parents still attend, 770 Montgomery Street.

May Rabbi Morozov's many Zechusim teaching the Rebbes kinder for so many years be a Bracha to his family and all the thousands of Chassidim and Shluchim that are his spiritual children and grandchildren.

May Rabbi Morozov join his illustrious family in heaven and with all the Chassidim demand Lama Nigara and Taikef Umyad Mamosh it should be Vhkitzu Vranenu Shochney Afar Vho Besochom.

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