Stories & Memories of Yisrolik Jacobs

By: Shayele Gluck SHMIECHEL January 10

"דאנקען און בעטן אויף ווייטער"

We have lost a very great holy person his presence was a lesson and a musor haskel for all of us. Before I start I need to ask Mechilah forgiveness I did not show him enough respect. But Yisroel o"h being such a good person I'm sure he will be mochel me. Where does one start? There is so much to speak about BUT his EMUNAH AND BITACHON was outstanding and was magnetic to anyone who met him. Don't remember where our connection started BUT shurley through simcha, as being part of outstanding team of SHMEICHEL an organisation to cheer up people, Yisroel o"h was the one to support it in all kind of ways. How many times did Yisroel o"h beg me to take him along to hospitals to cheer up others he used to tell me that I can uplift others, people will see me sing and be happy they will automatically gain that simcha. Once he called me to help him find someone to donate 10 pairs of tefilin's for the mitzvah tank he called every single day numerous times and then the tefiloh bags his life was how many more mivtzaim he could fulfill for the rebbe, his life was covered with chizuk for another jew to do a mitzvah say a blessing to be happy as a yid needs to be. People were amazed how with all his disabilities he was able to give so much. He used to say shayele take me out let's go and sing for rabbi kraus who needs a refuah shleimoh bekorov(Have added a picture of rabbi kraus today at the levayoh outside his house he was crying so bitterly for losing such a great person) and he came in and uplifted with the rabbis negunim and always on a positive note "tracht gut vet Zain gut" and "DANKEN UN BETEN OIF VITER" these were his lines always giving chizuk. And rabbi kraus would bless him back he came out so excited. Got to know his dear family parents and siblings לאוי"ט they all have the same caring warm hospitality for their son/brother Yisroel o"h and for another yid. What we need to take out of this ALWAYS to be thankful to hashem in every situation just remember Yisroel o"h being positive in his painful life so we always have to continue thanking hashem in every matzav. His cry in tefiloh like a kid to a father begging him for yeshiois I used to stand next to him by davening in shonfeld sq shabbos mevorchim he used to wrap the tails round his face and cry tearfully he was a great man who thought us a lot. His birthday parties SHMIECHEL made for him full of singing and dancing to hashem. Had the privilege to have him at the sader table pesach together with his dear wife שתח"י the excitement my family had to serve them with what's needed was outstanding and 1st night sukkos too, they enhanced our yom tov table and all the times they came over to be with us was a yom tov. He is gonna be missed shurley but I'm sure him being up there in beis din shel mailoh will not sit quietly only beg from hashem to send us MOSHIACH bekorov mamash and take us of our gulos with משיח צדיקנו בקרוב ממש

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