Stories & Memories of Yisrolik Jacobs

By: MMT January 10

mivtzve tefilin and moshiach

I’m pained to hear the news! Bruch Dayan Emes ! May his Neshmah have an Aliah and may Hashem console his wife, Parentsand and siblings and give them much Strength at these troubled times.

I knew Reb Yisroel personally. He was one of holiest men I’ve met in my life. A true devoted Chosid of the Rebbe. His passion for the Rebbes Mivtzoyim and his accomplishment in Mivtzoyim is unparalleled .

He had hundreds of contacts on his phone that he will call daily and weekly to remind them to put on Teffliin.

He always had a vort or a story of the Rebbe to share.

Even though he was Handicapped, Halacha was a priority in his life.

He always wanted to hear my experiences & stories from Mivtzoyim

He refused to hear anything negative about anyone.

His two main priorities in his life was Mivzah Tefflin and Moahiach.

He founded a Tefflin Gemach for Mivzah Tefflin. He would lend Tefflin to People that couldn’t afford or didn’t have Tefflin.

May his Neshmah have an Aliah, Reb Yisroel O”H Ben Harav Binyomin Shlitah

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