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By: mendy tiefenbrun January 11

Mivzah Matzah!

Over the last ten years whenever I was in Stamford hill, London I would Daven Friday night at Schonfeld square as a result I built a close relationship with Reb Yisroel O"H. We would always exchange stories we had from Mivzohim. Last year right before London went on its first Lockdown, a few weeks before Pesach I was in Schonfeld square and I had a discussion with Reb Yisroel O"H about Mivzah Matzah that I arranged for Jewish people of Hackney. I told him that I almost finished distributing Matzahs to all of Hackney Synagogue's members but I wasn't sure if I be able to finish the distribution, since London is about to go into Lockdown. Yisroel responded quite firmly if you don't go, I will have go to finish the distribution. I knew he was serious and he would actually go if I didn't go. So I assured him that I would finish it the coming week and he had no need to worry. During the following week he called me to make sure that I delivered the Matzah's. When I responded that I did deliver the Matzah's, I was able to hear the relief in his voice.

May his memory be a blessing !

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