Stories & Memories of Yisrolik Jacobs

By: Dovid Segelman January 14

Someone special

On moving to Stamford Hill I invited Yisroelic to do some voluntary work with Chizuk with which I worked for many years. He had an interest in Mental Health and joined our training sessions particularly when his father who was associated with the only Jewish Psychiatric Hospital in Europe, in Holland, came with a couple of doctors to speak to us. Yisroelic enjoyed participating in our weekly Melava Malkas both in S Hill and NW London. This brought him in contact with a variety of " interesting characters" and to his credit, he kept in contact with many of them over the years. His oft said phrase, " I just cann't figure him out!" never deterred him from calling up people and his insistence on never giving up on a person I always found inspiring and motivates me to this day! Let us treasure the memories and be inspired!

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