Stories & Memories of Yitzchok & Reitza Kosofsky

By: Chaya sara Gurewicz December 7

The best woman who ever lived

Mrs. Kosofsky was the quintessential feminine role model for so many. She was always real, always smiling, always gentle. I remember when I sent my kids to Tzemach Tzedek. Mrs K always complimented me on my kids. She made me feel like a million dollars. I loved doing her Shaitel back in the day, and having her all to myself. I loved sitting next to her at Simchas. I loved picking her brain. Her wisdom always hit the spot. She made everyone feel so important and loved. What a woman! What a wife and mother! What a friend! But mostly, what a role model of a true chassidishe aishes chayil. May she be a gutteh behter for her family and mamash help bring Moshiach Now!!

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