Stories & Memories of Ray Schildkraut

By: Esty Lesches May 24

A caring friend

She was such a special woman, she noticed that i was constantly on the phone making apmts for my son bc he was delayed and i was worried what he may have.... She was so reassuring and sweet, and told me not to worry, and i was just a random teacher...

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By: Anonymous May 23


Many Sundays Mrs Schildkraut would do a baking activity with us. I remember getting the ingredient list on Thursday and coming with exact measurements of flour, sugar... to school on Sunday. ...

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By: Faigy Sirota May 22


I had the privilege of being taught by Mrs. Schildkraut as my second-grade teacher. Her dedication and commitment were truly exceptional. Every Sunday, I remember her diligently cleaning the blackboard, ensuring that we start each week with a fresh...

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By: Mirel Prager May 22

Student Rochel Prager

The phone rings at 7pm. Hi Mrs Prager, it's Rochel's teacher Mrs Schildkraut. Oh no! what now? I was thinking to myself. ...

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By: Vivi Altabe May 22

A Goldene Matseva

Mrs Schildkraut was not my teacher. ...

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