Stories & Memories of Reb Velvel Marasow

By: Sholom Ciment May 11


Our class, like many others, convene each year by the Kinnus for Reb AVroham a’h Baitelman’s annual Kiddush Yahrzeit. ...

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By: Aryeh Lang May 8

Memories of my first Teacher in Crown Heights

Rabbi Morozov ZL holds a special place in my life and education as a Lubavitcher Chassid. Rabbi Morozov welcomed me to his third-grade class in Oholei Torah when our family moved from Miami to Crown Heights in the early Mem's/80's. In addition to the...

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By: Dovid Slavin May 7

Mileches Hamishkon

Rabbi Marasow was our teacher when we learnt Parshas Teruma and the Mileches Hamishkon is still clear in my memory from then ...

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By: Eliezer Halon May 7

Simchas Torah Hafsokoh

The Rebbe's Farbrengen on the night of Simchas Torah goes until 12:00 midnight. Then there's a hafsoko for half an hour, and Hakofos start at 12:30. The Farbrengen starts off with a small crowd - who's going to have the "chutzpoh" to show their face...

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By: Anonymous May 7

Memories of third grade

I have vivid memories of being in Rabbi Marasows third grade class in the mid 90's. I can picture him walking up and down the isles of the classroom davening aloud with us, distributing small Licorice nibs to the best daveners. Every day we had a...

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By: Yaffie (Polter) Rabin May 7

Memories from Cheder Detroit

I just want to share that Rabbi Marozov was my teacher in Cheder in Detroit for a few years. He was a caring man and i have very good memories of those years from age 3-7. He also live on our block and my parents were family friends. Actually my...

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