Stories & Memories of Tzivia (Cynthia) Moscowitz

By: Esther Rena Grossman November 21

Gracious Guests

Around 2002 I ran a camp fro 4-6 year old boys in our backyard on Jarlath. The campers met in a tent set up for that purpose and such activities as “bike trips” in the neighborhood and baking. Many of the participants were boys whose families...

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By: Rabbi Yosef Moscowitz October 31

Bubby Moscowitz Posh Rogers Park Suburbia

Just before Shabbos last week, my dear grandmother passed away (my father OBM ‘s mother). ...

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By: Dotty and Yitzchok Chakiris October 29

Farwell Avenue and beyond

We are greatly saddened by the passing of Your Dear Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, Cynthia. We have many wonderful memories of delicious and meaningful Shabbos Dinners over 20 years at the house on Farwell. Frank and Cynthia's love...

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By: Rena Citrin October 29


Tzivia was one of the most self-actualized people I have ever met. She exuded calm and kindness in every encounter I ever had with her in the last forty years. She was a role model in the way she encountered both the mundane spiritual aspects of...

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By: Chaya RochelZimmerman October 28

to Lead the Eidel Way

Some people called her Cynthia. Some people called her Tzvia. I called her both. More important than a name is a good name. And that's what Mrs. Moscowitz had. She created her good name through her eidelkeit- the simple refined way she spoke; soft...

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By: Caytak Family October 28


Mrs. Moscowitz was a refine and elegant woman, wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. When we first sent our daughter Rivka to LGHS, many moons ago we came to visit her and we needed a place to stay. She offered to host us in great warmth...

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By: Julia Singer October 27

My memories of Tzivia

I will always remember Tzivia as having been immediately warm and accepting of me when Aaron and I were first married and I started coming to Bais Menachem.. She always tried to make sure. I had a place to sit at the kiddush table and would put her...

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By: Lois Shapiro October 25

Clinton School

I have known her since kindergarten at Clinton School. I have many fond memories. A wonderful lady may she be remembered as a caring mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend. My sincere condolences to her family.

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By: Fruma October 25

The first time I met her

The first time I met Mrs Moskowitz was at a tahara over 40 years ago. She was so kind, respectful, capable. She was teaching me what to do. She was very loving and had a very accepting nature towards others. I admired her immediately. Over the years,...

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By: Isser Shlomo Lieberman October 24

"Efraim, You Don't Want That"

During the early years of Beis Menachem the kiddushim were held in the Sanctuary. Two long tables were set up, one for the men and one for the women. On this particular Shabbos, Efraim was sitting across from me, his back to Tzivia who was seated...

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