Stories & Memories of Chaim Berkowitz

By: Sunni Walbek June 16

My Dad

I have so many great memories to share, the one I am sharing is the day I took my family, my new bf Billy to meet my Dad back in 2014. We met a restaurant in Ft Lauderdale FL. Halfway between his home in Miami & us in Vero Beach. My kids jump out,...

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By: ED ZASLOW June 8

My Good Friend Chaim

I met Chaim when I joined Young Israel of Kendall--must have been late 1980s or early 1990s. We became fast friends. He started out at a Kendall temple, but graduated to Orthodoxy. His birth certificate had his name as "Charles Burke". ...

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By: Eli& Ilana Benamou June 7


Baruch Dayan Haemes, May his Neshama have an Aliyah, By My son M.M’s Bar-Mitzvaשיחי׳ @ Sky Lake Synagogue he come and made the Simcha very happy and took a lot of pictures from his phone I believe and developed them and brought it to my...

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By: friends June 7

About Chaim Berkowitz - A Legend of a Man and Chosid

B”H ...

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By: Yomin Postelnik June 7

Would always want to learn

He came to Torah later in life but epitomized following Hashem in every way. He likely went through all of Shas, and got flack for doing Daf Yomi. He studied and spread Chasidus in every way. He reached out to make a chavrusa in Kuntres UMaayon...

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