Stories & Memories of Mrs Leah Miriam Heidingsfeld

By: Madeleine June 4

Remembering Heidingsfelds

To the family, ...

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By: Chaya Kramer June 4


BH ...

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By: Miriam Leah June 3

A wonderful friend

After my husband I and decided to become more observant Jews I was always looking for classes and shiurim so that I could learn all the things about Torah that I had never been taught. Someone suggested that I call Leah Miriam because she was giving...

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By: Miriam Cowen June 3

Leah Miriam A"H

I remember Leah Miriam from her Sydney days, her open house, her welcoming smile. ...

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By: Ruben Glueck June 3

She was a truly good woman

A spent Shabbos at the Heidingsfeld's twice. Mrs Leah Miriam was a person that naturally put me at ease. She was centered, humble, kind and overwhelmingly gave me the impression that she was a good wife to Rabbi Heidingsfeld and a fine mother to my...

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By: Sarah Mintz June 3

Beautiful Neshama

I lived in North Hollywood for over 10 years and I've always seen Leah Miriam ...

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By: Anonymous June 3

Calm and serene

Your mother was such a calm and serene person who always had a smile on her face. We felt so good whenever we spent time at your house.

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By: Dina Moshel June 3

Full of goodness

Rochie , Not sure if you remember me or our daughters... This is Dina Moshel from Melbourne. Want to say BDE. So very sad to hear about your dear mother a'h! What a special lady, full of goodness and real emuna - a real loss of a gem. ...

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By: Anonymous June 3

Want to say

So sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. ...

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By: Watts Family June 3

Memories of a Dear Friend

We moved to Melbourne in 2002 from Sydney . ...

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By: Miriam Nussbaum June 2

A Precious Gift

It was three years ago that l moved to the valley to be near my children . ...

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By: Esther Rena Grossman June 2

A Message of Intent

I have a particular memory from Sydney back in the 5750’s. We both had kids in the same class in Kindy. And so we two moms were talking and one of the little ones ran up to her, eager to share something with Mummy. Mrs Heidingsfeld put up her...

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By: Laya Miry'am June 2

Gratitude ♡

In the 90s I met Leah Miriam A"H and the adoration and respect was instantaneous. I was a young, lost girl and I'd never met anyone with the same name as me== that was exciting enough! Then her spiritual authenticity and vibrancy? I wanted THIS! I...

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By: Greenwald Girls June 2

Positive in every way

We remember when Leah Miriam a"h welcomed us into her home the week before pesach till after pesach. She helped her daughters make us a mock wedding 3 days before pesach as we were missing our sisters wedding. We also remember going to them for...

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By: Leora Geller June 2

Leah Miriam Heidingsfeld

Leah Miriam Heidingsfeld was a true Tzadakus in every meaning of the word. She was kind and loving and always willing to guide people to the path of a Torah life. We met a little over five years ago and spent many Shabbatot learning Torah. I will...

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By: Aviva Turner June 2

Eishes Chayil

Mrs Heidingsfeld was a true dugma chaya. ...

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By: Ruth Szmerling June 2

Eishes Chayil Mi Yimtza

Leah Miriam was always a beacon of Simcha , Emunah and Bitachon. She was a person of true integrity, warmth, wisdom and intelligence. ...

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By: Efraim June 2

The impact on a community

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia I had the privilege of being taught by Mr Heidingsfeld in prep. He created an incredible of aura and excitement around learning at the earlier stages of my life and it was clear that it carried through from home as...

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By: Yocheved Herrmann-Blanton June 2

Moshiach, NOW! No time for tears.. Action only

My first real inside look at a Chassidishe Chasana was when my daughter’s Summer Camp Counselor, Sara Rashka Levitansky, married Sholom Heidingsfeld. I was already enamored of what that Gan Izzy camp experience did for my little girl. That wedding...

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By: Anonymous June 2

Your mother

Your mother was so warm and full of simcha and life. It felt so good to be in her presence

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