Stories & Memories of Menachem Mendel ben Dovid Okunov OBM

By: Avromi Gorokhov March 17

How Reb Mendel impacted my life

There's not a single person who has met Reb Okunov that hasn't said that Mendel made an imprint on their life. Here's my story.. might not be too accurate, will have to ask my father for more details. ...

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By: Rochel March 18

Rabbi Okonov

I don't have a personal experience with Rabbi Okonov. ...

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By: Zaki Tamir March 30

My 1st real job "The Need To Be Needed"

In the summer of 1992 I was 13 years old. I lived in Miami Beach with my family. 1992 was a year of major transition. My Bar Mitzva was a big part of it and it was also the first year that my parents agreed to send me to yeshiva away from home. The...

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