Stories & Memories of Tzion Goldstein

By: Yossi Prager August 7

The Prince (Tzion)

I saw pictures of when Tzion came to my house upstate. I want to see him when Moshiach comes:)

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By: Rabbi Iosi Ludman August 7

Of Spiritual Greatness, Peacemaking and Love; The Pure Soul of Tzion:)

Tuve la bendición de compartir con Tzion ע''ה una de las mejores etapas de mi vida cuando estudiábamos en la Ieshiva. Al principio en Bs As, después en Tzfat (Israel) y en 770 (USA). ...

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By: Dovber Lerman August 7

A Best Friend Found At 1st Sight:) (ידיד נפש)

It was the first time I traveled to the Rebbe with my two youngest girls, not long after I started to be connected to the Rebbe and Chabad. My very first visit to 770, Bh Hashem helped me make that 1st connection by setting me up to meeting Tzion....

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By: Fraidy Teichman August 7

Tzion’s Shining light

May Tzion’s neshama have the highest Aliyah and shine his light onto you and your family and be a gutte beter for you ! May he storm the heavans and be reunited with you with the coming of Moshiach NOW !!!!Thinking of you … sending lots of love...

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By: Ivon, sister of Tzion August 7

My dear brother


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By: Yona El-hahar August 7

A Chocolate Doughnut To Be Remembered Forever

When I was growing up, I would always love seeing Tzion with his classic earpiece. Whenever I would see him he was always such a calming, comforting presence. As a small child, being around him made me feel so secure and loved. His big, warm smile...

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By: Ricardo August 7


I miss you so deeply,my dearest friend!

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By: Sara Gilbert August 6

Tzion, Your life was a proof to me that Miracles exist.

I used to tell your father Tzion, every time I see you standing up, I’m looking at a miracle, I see a miracle in front of my eyes. Because of you I believe in miracles. Every time I see you I see a miracle in front of my eyes. He was always such a...

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By: Rivka Leah Shenitzky August 6

He was like a son to me:)

Tzion. As a close friend of the Family, It is hard to put into words the depth of his soul and charisma. I could recall a few moments where as sick as he was, he loved scrabble and would play amazing. For someone who came from another country...

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By: Esther Coren, a 888 neighbor:) August 6

Always there to help, I didn't even have to Ask

Whenever I needed a ride, I didn't even have to ask him, he just offered me on his own, no matter how sick he was feeling. HE was the absolute best! He was an incredible person. He was so respectful and so hospitable, no matter what state he was in....

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By: Levi Kapelushcnik August 6

He Was a Tzadik


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By: Sarit August 6

He Focused on the Main thing

Just by seeing him at a first time glance, I was able to tell what a unique and special person he was. He very connected with everyone around him, easygoing, positive, always smiling, despite his TPN nutrition IV backpack and yellowing skin from...

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By: Mari, a Cleaning Lady for the Goldstein Family:) August 6

From the Perspective of the Cleaning Lady

He had a sterling character, and role model for all. Every time he would come into the kitchen to get something to eat, he would ask me If I wanted some or if I needed anything. He was a good man. I miss him! I think about him all the time. It hurts...

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By: Rabbi Shmuel Butman August 6

A Real Person.

He was a real person. He was pure Emes. Whatever he said, was truth, his actions were very real, he was very dedicated to whatever he set his heart and mind to, despite unspeakable pain, and he served Hashem with all his might even when things were...

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By: Rafi Halevy August 6


Tzion. I am at a loss for words on how to describe the tremendous feelings I feel towards him. His depth of chracter and soul are beyond description. So instead I will share a memory that comes to mind.I was once driving Tzion to the hospital in the...

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By: Daniel Yalouze August 6

An Admiring Neighbor and Dear Friend:)


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By: Esther Shapiro August 6

In Memory of Tzion

I considered Tzion like one of my close family . ...

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By: Moishe Schusterman August 6

A Malach by my side- a beautiful friend of Emes and love:)

My eternal remembrance for Zion, Z''L. ...

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By: Brochi Blumenfeld August 6

A friend of Shaina:)

Hi Shaina! May we be able to see him very soon with Moshiach!!

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By: Mrs. Liba Rappaort August 6

I Never Met Tzion, But as his daughter's co-worker...

Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet your father but if I did I would tell him how lucky he is to have you as a daughter, you are a gift to those who come in contact with you! ❤️ May your family only know simchas here on!

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