Stories & Memories of Tzion Goldstein

By: A friend of Abba Prager:) August 6

A One Time Meeting, A Forever Greeting...

I remember Tzion:))❤️ He once saw Abba and I together and from then on he would always smile and say hi when we passed each other:))

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By: A former classmate of Shaina:) August 6

Preschool Memories:))

I remember your father coming to pick you up when we were in preschool. He seemed so tall and had such a wonderful smile!

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By: A close friend of Shaina:) ❤️ August 6


I feel so blessed to have known such a man. ...

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By: Tuvia Spiegel August 6

A perfect balance...remembering and loving Sion obm

When you were little, with the right person, the two of you could sit opposite on a seesaw- a wooden board hinged in the middle to a metal pole- and with care and patience instead of pushing up and down you could balance with both people lifting...

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By: A friend of Shaina:)) ❤️ August 6

An Ever-Present Smiling, Kind Face:)

Have been thinking about this. Don't have any specific story but I just remember your father always smiling and kind whenever I saw him by your house or by your grandparents ❤️

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By: Avraham Malinas August 6

A Dream Friend, a Brother


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By: Lisa Handler August 6

A True Soldier of The Rebbe

Tzion was a true soldier of the Rebbe, devoted to the Rebbe, his family and to helping another Yid. His wife, beautiful children and family and his Rebbe were the center of his world. He was a chassid through and through. He was never discouraged, in...

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By: Camous Brami August 6

Making Time for Me as a Fussy Teenager

From the first time I met Tzion Goldstein I always found that his goodness and kindness radiated around him. He always put others before himself. ...

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By: Rabbi Leibish Nash August 6

A Living example of True Emunah

Tzion Goldstein was a rare and valuable soul who had a tremendous effect on many of us whom he came in contact with. I guess that is why he was also urgently needed in Shomayim. ...

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By: Rabbi Moshe Blumenfeld August 6

To my dear friend Tzion...


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By: Moishe Dovid Szusterman August 6

To Speak of an Angel


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By: Fraidy Teichmen August 6

A Beautiful Gift You Only Meet Once in a Lifetime:)))

I’ll never forget meeting Tzion for the first time in Empire Kosher, shopping like all was perfectly fine. He was just released from the hospital, after going through so much pain and suffering, yet he was so strong in wanting to live, and do what...

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By: Rakel Kirchenbaum August 6

A Lucky Fellow Neighbor to the 888 Montgomery Shtetel;)

We miss Tzion ❤️ ...

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By: Gavriel Fayil August 6

A Dear Friend


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By: Yosef Kurtz August 5

Soul Friends

Not a day goes by that I do not think of Tzion. He was like a brother to me. He called me “hermano mellizo”, twin brother, because of our similarities. Even our fathers have the same name and profession. He was my best friend. I miss him very...

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By: Yoram Henquin August 5

He gave it all!!!

He gave it all for the Rebbe, for his family and for every Jew he could influence. ...

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By: Mirel Prager August 4

Uncle Tzion, we will never forget u!

Tzion, where do we start? ...

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By: Mrs. Netel Silman August 3

A True Shliach and a Strong Fighter

We were baruch Hashem privileged to have known Tzion Goldstein ע״ה. ...

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By: Tuvia Speigel August 3

My Role Model and Soul Brother

Tzion, ob”m, ...

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By: Rabbi Mendel Yusevitz August 3

Principal of Ohr Menachem

Dear Goldstein family and Mendel sheyichyu, ...

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