Stories & Memories of Rabbi Zalman Baras

By: Rabbi Gershon Avtzon March 10

Heartfelt Letter: Zalmy, Ayeka!?

Dear Zalmy, It is through many tears, and a shaking hand, that I write this to you. I simply cannot believe that the Yeshiva just escorted you on your final journey. While your destination, and place in Gan Eden, is guaranteed; Your presence is...

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By: Mendy Karp March 10

My Teacher Solved the Chinuch Crisis

There is truly too much to say about Rabbi Baras. Never can I remember a man who so deeply touched the lives of those who met him, whether they knew him for years, had the privilege of being his students, or even people who met him only once.

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By: Chayim March 10

Pictures from Chayim

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By: Anonymous March 10

Rabbi Baras Video:

During a lengthy battle with cancer, Rabbi Zalman Baras davvened that he should see The Rebbe in a dream. When he indeed dreamed of the Rebbe, had a most amazing conversation with powerful ramifications for each of us, on what it truly means to be a...

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By: Rabbi Gershon Avtzon March 11

Yedid Nefesh, Av Harachaman - A message to all alumni

It is not our custom to say, or write, eulogies; Yet we are commanded that “Vehachai yitten el libo” — “The living shall take to heart,” thus — even though it is clear to me that Reb Zalman would not enjoy being spoken about publicly —...

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By: Anonymous March 11

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By: Anonymous March 13

Purim 5768

Rabbi Baras reading Megila Purim 5768

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By: Anonymous March 13

A True Chossid

I don't even know where to begin. Rabbi Baras just wasn't your average teacher. He was someone that was Emes from beginning to end. As he would tell us many times in class, how the word Emes has the first, middle and last letters of the Aleph Beis,...

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By: Mendel March 13

You Cared About Me

I still feel very much numb on the news of Rabbi Baras passing. ...

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By: Lee Shonfeld March 13

An Encounter with Rabbi Baras

As a physician, I was once called to attend Rabbi Baras during davening on Rosh Hashono at shul. I found him on the floor of the library suffering from abdominal pain.

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By: Mendel March 13

Memories of Rabbi Baras

Pictures of Rabbi Baras Throughout the years

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By: Mendel March 13


I remember one time there was a Bachur which had over $500 stolen from his room in the dorm. The Hanhala were all trying to figure out who the thief was, but to no avail. Rabbi Baras got up in the Bais Medrash and gave the Bachur $500 and told him...

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By: Mendy March 13

True Care to a Former Student

After I left Cincinnati, I couldn't find a mashpia, that I felt understand me, that I was comfortable with like Rabbi Bares. So I continued to call Rabbi Bares every time I needed advice and guidance. And honestly the effect that he had on me was...

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By: Nissi March 14

My Experience with Rabbi Baras

It’s 13 years since we had the zechus to sit in Rabbi Baras’ shiur in shiur alef Oholei Torah Mesivta. It’s hard to believe that he is no longer with us. I am sure all of you are also thinking back to the time we spent with Rabbi Baras, so I...

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By: Mendel W. March 14

Positive During the Illness

I was in shiur beis of Cincinnati when Rabbi Baras was diagnosed. At that time, he was teaching us perek chof beis of Tanya, which discusses how human suffering is an unearthly expression of G-d’s love and that, therefore, you should feel happy...

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By: Yehuda Stell March 18

Dearest Teacher

Rabbi Baras, I write this letter because I never got to express how much I truly appreciate you. I can’t believe it took me this long to reach out to you. Rabbi, I never forgot about you!

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By: Menachem elkayam March 23

Unlimted Help and support that the mind cannot fathom!!!!

I can't even believe that I'm writing this about rabbi baras as a memory of him!!! I never imagined in my wildest imaginations that I would do this and thinking about it breaks me!!!!!

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By: Ya'akovah (Mrs. Eliyahu) Weber, mother of Cincinnati mesivta student Menachem Mendel Weber (5775 through 5778) March 24

Humble and patient

During a phone conference about my son when he was learning in mesivta in Cincinnati, Rabbi Baras made an impression on me about being patient and humble, in discussing his relationships with the mesivta talmidim who came to him for guidance. ...

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By: Mendel From Baltimore May 2

Shlichus at work

As I recently switched from multiple part time jobs to a full time, I remember telling Rabbi Baras about my first full time job in Kashrus. After asking me a few questions pertaining to the atmosphere, he asked me if I know what my purpose is at the...

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