Stories & Memories of Yisrolik Jacobs

By: Ephraim Potash January 19

The Greatest Tankist in Europe

Yisroel we are going to miss you so much. You were the driving force to go out on mivtzoim and to get other people to go out on mivtzoim. ...

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By: Tovia January 19

A mikveh visit to remember

Yisroel ע"ה and I were learning in Kfar Chabad at the same time under the tutelage of the esteemed Rabbi Gafni, may he live and be well! ...

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By: Daniel January 16

Mitzvah Tank Stories about Rabbi Yisroel Jacobs

This story was told by Yisroel himself as is recorded in a leaflet that we printed some 15 years ago. ...

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By: Photo of Bentche January 14

Benche photo

Photo of bentche

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By: Reuveni January 14

my memories

בס"ד ...

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By: Dovid Segelman January 14

Someone special

On moving to Stamford Hill I invited Yisroelic to do some voluntary work with Chizuk with which I worked for many years. He had an interest in Mental Health and joined our training sessions particularly when his father who was associated with the...

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By: M Lebovits January 13


13 years ago I lived upstairs, in Sussex court. ...

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By: MR January 13


I remember Yisrolik always being very excited about mivtzoim, and all the people he would encourage to put on tefilin. ...

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By: mendy tiefenbrun January 11

Mivzah Matzah!

Over the last ten years whenever I was in Stamford hill, London I would Daven Friday night at Schonfeld square as a result I built a close relationship with Reb Yisroel O"H. ...

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By: Shayele Gluck SHMIECHEL January 10

"דאנקען און בעטן אויף ווייטער"

We have lost a very great holy person his presence was a lesson and a musor haskel for all of us. ...

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By: MMT January 10

mivtzve tefilin and moshiach

I’m pained to hear the news! ...

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By: Asher F January 10

A very special soul

I got to know Yisroel around 7 years ago. I always remember him being positive no matter his hardships and the efforts he put in to try and make other people happy. He will be remembered and missed!

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By: Tovia January 10

Meeting Yisroel

I first met Yisroel in 2010. I was walking down the road and saw the mitzvah tank and had an urge to flag it down. I hadn’t put tefillin on for many many years. Over the following 10 years he became a good friend - he taught me a lot about myself,...

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By: Daniel Haas January 10

Farbrengens in kfar chabad

Beste familie Jacobs, L”YT ...

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By: abba January 10


When Jisrolik was still very very young, if I remember well he just turned two years, Elter Zaide Yaacov Yoseph noticed that he never used the word איך , me, but if he wanted somthing he always used to say: Jisrolik wil epes hoben. Elter Zaide...

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