Stories & Memories of Rabbi Chaim Meir Lieberman

By: Susan (Brooks) Cohen December 21

A brief memory

When I was about 3 or 4 years old my parents brought me to Crown Heights for a Shabbat with my father’s Hebrew school class from Glen Cove. I was very young and knew very little about my surroundings and how special this family would become. That...

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By: Bella December 20

Memories of Rabbi Chaim Lieberman, Zatsal

To the family of Rav Chaim Lieberman, Zatsal, ...

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By: Naftoli Lewin December 18

Mah nomar?

...Deeply saddened to learn of the passing of a y'did yokor, Horav Chaim Meir, zikhrono livrokhoh. We first met about 21 years ago, when, having relocated to Boro Park, I wandered into the Gurary bookstore off New Utrecht Avenue. Many...

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By: Menachem Shaps December 17

No words

Mendy, ...

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By: Danny Fordham December 17

It's Always Better to Swim

I attended Yeshiva University (YU) between the years of 5773-5776 (2013-2016) and I had the great merit to spend countless Shabbosim at the Lieberman home during this time. I did not grow up in a religiously observant family and I began to become...

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By: Mendy Kasowitz December 17

In one Word: Genuine

The last time I was with Rabbi Leiberman was a few short months ago. I was dropping off my girls at their dorm and although stopping by was not really nessesary, I used it as an excuse to get together. And I am so glad I did. It will be a lasting...

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By: Lockie Milner December 16

A source of chizuk

My warmest memory of Rabbi Chaim Meier Lieberman occurred a few weeks after my late wife received a bad diagnosis and we spoke at his grandson’s Mendel’s bar mitzva in Boston ...

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By: anonymous December 15

man of righteousness

when i heard the news that chaim meir had passed away, i began to have an explosion of emotions. i really didn't know what to say or what to do. eventually the reality began to sink in. as i heaved sob after sob, i was reminded of a story i once...

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By: Keren Leeds December 15

A Loving Thread

Some people are so big, yet are so humble, that there is nothing said about them. That is how I felt when I read the announcement about Chaim Meir’s untimely passing. It said, ...

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By: Mitchell Nathanson December 15

My Story

From the moment I met R' Chaim Meir he had the aura of someone strong as an ox, steadfast in his beliefs and unwavering in his principles. He was more. He was a chossid. Chabad started a shul in West Hempstead, almost by accident. This was not a...

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By: Zalman Goldberg December 15

Nichum aveilim to Lieberman family

I was humbled by reb Chaim meirs kindness to me. He was always looking out for me. ...

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By: Chaya Sarah (Hallie) Cantor December 14

Man of Truth, Man of Warmth & Wisdom

I got to know Rabbi Lieberman personally, when I began working at Stern College for Women (Yeshiva University), Hedi Steinberg Library, over 25 years ago as an acquisitions associate. It was a job I stepped into literally one day after my predecessor...

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By: Yossi Marrus December 14

A Man of Exceptional Chesed

To my dear Lieberman family, ...

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By: דוד ואסתי גינזבורג December 14

למשפחת ליברמן היקרה


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By: Rabbi Mendel Popack December 14



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By: Mordechai Friedman December 14

My letter to Chaim Meyer

On Motzei Shabbos after I was informed of Chaim Meyer’s passing, my whole world was turned upside down. I could not sleep, and I walked from room to room, crying and sobbing. As the sun was rising, I needed to tell Chaim Meyer how I felt but he was...

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By: Stan & Maureen Ress December 14

Tribute to Inspiring Shaliach of the Rebbe

Rabbi Chaim Meir Lieberman, z”l, was a true Lamplighter, and larger-than-life in every way. We were so blessed and privileged to know him and his wife Sarah from 1976 in Cape Town. He immediately struck one with his engaging personality,...

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By: Susan Shapiro December 13

Where do we begin?

Our story begins in Cape Town South Africa about 44+ years ago when Chaim Meir and Sara were on shlichus. ...

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By: Yasmin (Naomi) Weinstein December 13

A true tzaddik

Rabbi Chaim Meir Lieberman obm, the head of a family that is so beautiful and so kind hearted. A family that became my home away from home when I moved to New York. ...

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