Stories & Memories of Rabbi Benny Wolff

By: Anonymous April 30

Dear Sternie

Dear Sternie and family שיחיו, ...

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By: Rochelle Leah Eliefja (Gershon) April 30


I have the fondest memories of my time spent doing CGI Hanover. ...

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By: Bluma Nussbaum Sherrow April 30


I had the privilege of being at your Chabad house a few times while working at Rampal Cellular Stock market in Bnei Brak (Bluma Nussbaum Sherrow, tall charedi South African). ...

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By: Devorah Leah Hertz, Chanie Teldon, Malky Diskin and Mushka Paltiel April 29

Memories of Hannover 2010

We had a really great experience in our few weeks in Hannover! We had a good time in camp and after hours entertainment, but what sticks with me the most is the environment of your home and Chabad house and watching you raise chassidishe children in...

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By: פלוני April 28

ומבני יותר מכולם

א. כשבני נכנס למשפחה (אמצע תש"ס) למדתי אז בישיבה קטנה בבני ברק והייתי בבית הסבתא שתליט"א בכל יום, בכל חודש ובכל שבת. . ...

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By: Anonymous April 28

Benny and Shternie, Amazing Shluchim

I have to say I never saw shluchim with such ahavas yisroel like Benny and Sterni... ...

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