Stories & Memories of Rabbi Yudi Dukes

By: Avraham Markovich April 22


There are so many things to say I do not know where to begin. ...

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By: Zalmy Kudan March 3

Every Second Counts

BH ...

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By: Itche Zalmanov February 23

Yudi's Passion

Since I was first approached by Yudi to join Jnet some 13 years ago, I have been through many Chavrusos. Whenever Yudi would see me he would always ask how the learning is going, and he would always remember my current Chavrusa's name and subject,...

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By: Shoshana Nocks February 17

A friendship

My husband (Chanan) met Yudi when he was the bal koreh at Bais Levi Yitzchok in Crown Heights. They quickly became friends and used to borrow my husband's car for Sunday outings. Yudi and Sarah also warmly welcomed him into their home as a shabbos...

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By: Vivi Deren February 17

A Real-Life Chassidishe Maiseh, 21st Century Version

Chassidim have always treasured stories, real life stories about real life people, for a very obvious reason. The ultimate goal of existence, of our lives and our purpose, is to take the very lofty ideas that Torah teaches and make them part of our...

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By: Norman Leibovitz February 14


It was Cheshvan 5780 and my wife and I were in NYC. We went to the Ohel the one morning and spent about 2 hours there. As we stood outside waiting for our ride back to Midtown, Yudi and Sarah were also standing outside. I was wearing a Beanie with...

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By: Catherine Constable February 13

Yudi in the hospital

I first heard about Yudi from my friends next door, the Alevskys. I am a physician, and was taking care of patients with Covid last spring (and still am). They were incredulous that this young, vibrant man they knew had fallen so ill. The story was...

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By: Yaacov Vidal February 12

Always focused on his Shlichus!

At one Kinus Hashluchim, I clearly remember meeting Yudi on Eastern Parkway. He was pushing a double stroller with 2 Kinderlach in it. It was cold. It was in the morning and Yudi with Talis bag over his shoulder was on his way to Davening. I see him...

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By: Chani Ludman February 12

Yudi, the bochur I remember

About 20 years ago Yudi was learning in yeshiva in Argentina, we have a Chabad house an hour away from Buenos Aires and we had bochurim coming over for Yomim tovim, and we were privileged to have Yudi over. I don't remember how many bochurim came...

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By: Mendy Dalfin February 8

Yudi, The Embodiment of The Bal Shemtovs Derech

Yudi got people to learn Torah. ...

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By: Mendy Dalfin February 8

My Friend Yudi - my memories.

I first met Yudi when I was running Bais Levi Yitzchoks childrens programs and he was my bal koreh. That was sometime between 2007-2009 and I dont remember when, but we would hang out every shabbas and became friends. He asked me to learn with...

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By: Dovid Hordiner February 5

The Gift of Life

I would like to share the powerful impact Yudi had on me. We were paired up after a Kinus several years ago. Our responsibility was to speak each Monday morning to give us strength for the week. ...

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By: Yehudis bluming February 4

The prisoner

You may never know the effects of yudi not in his life time and beyond! I just got a call from a Jewish inmate feeling really down after hearing the news of yudis passing. He has spoken to yudi a few times and yudi set him up with a jnet chavrusa to...

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By: Tova Hinda Siegel February 2

Only two calls, but...

I "met" Yudi on the phone just twice. I never met him in real life. I never sat down and had a one-to-one with him. I never had a long correspondence with him. But those calls on the phone really impacted me. His excitement and concern for...

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By: Mendel Weinbaum February 1

My Hero

I will never forget the Uber ride I took to the hospital to visit Yudi. I was fortunate to be Mendy's (the oldest boy) teacher a couple of years ago and had kept up both with Mendy and his parents since. My mind raced as I thought what on earth could...

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By: Rackel Kirschenbaum February 1

“A surprising visitor” while myself at N.Y.U...

I have never met or known Yudi ah personally.... But I must admit that being part of the Tehillim chat from Day 1,(still ongoing), I feel that I’ve known him “so well”.... ...

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By: Miriam Gerber February 1

He Always Remembered His Teacher

I was Yudi’s teacher when he was in 2nd grade in Cheder Lubavitch in Morristown. It was a really amazing class. The boys were all very bright and loved learning. Even in a class like that, Yudi stood out for his outstanding abilities in learning...

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By: Mirel Prager January 31

Airport runs

Every time i drove the Dukes family to the airport, i was so inspired with how, both Yudi and Sara connected with their children. Love and patience to fulfill each one's needs. How calm they were, even if one child was upset. Just the way they spoke...

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By: Yisroel January 31

$1 Donation receipt

Hi my name is Yisroel Lebovic. I'm from crown heights. I had only one interaction with yudi, but it left an impression on me and I would like to share it. ...

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By: Altie Seigel January 31

What a beautiful smile and a beautiful person

I encountered Yudi once, when he read Magilla in a shul in Crown Heights. I thought he was a classmate from Toronto's brother but later realized the name is spelled differently. ...

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