Stories & Memories of Tzion Goldstein

By: Menucha Libman July 2


Shaina’s father embodied kindness, strength, and joy. I first remember him from when I was five, arriving at school. He and Shaina were walking towards the building, him tall and strong, holding her outstretched hand. His smile radiated such warmth...

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By: Shaul D. August 8

From Heart to Heart

Tzion was a true friend. Always opened his house to me and my friends, and he made us feel we have another place to call home. Among the many beautiful stories, once I remember, we touched on the topic of Shmiras Einayim. I was impressed by how...

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By: YTornek August 7

Loving Tatty

I remember arriving at the corner of Kingston & President street. It was summer, years ago… Busses and minivans lined the corner waiting for campers and staff to board heading for camp. It was exciting & chaotic. There were dozens of campers saying...

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By: Berel Prager, Tzion's dear brother-in-law August 7

Gentle always, yet brave and heroically spirited when the moment calls for it.

Some 22 years ago, I was in 770, as Rabbi Marlow, our highly respected and important Rav was immersed in his davening at the Amud. Suddenly, a tall black man known to be a convert and a Lubavitcher as well, walked into shul. But this time, he wasn't...

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By: Sonia Sheina Chernyak August 7

I See His Greatness In His Children:)

Sheina, of course I didn’t know your father, but I read a few stories and was so so touched! He’s such a special person!!!! Such an incredible strength, bitachon, devotion and simcha! And I’m sure he has so much nachas from you because I...

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By: Mrs. Esther Blau August 7

Love of ALL

Tzion was a tall man. He was an Adam Godal. An exalted human being in character and avodas Hashem, the like that are rare and unmatched. ...

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By: Mrs. Lustig August 7

Taking Care of the ILL While suffering of ILLNESS Himself

Reb Tzion was a very special person. He was very kind. He went out of his way to help Bikkur Cholim. He charged less than for other trips. Even when he wasn't feeling well, he summoned his last "kochos" to drive for Bikkur Cholim.

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By: Rabbi Avraham Gopin August 7

Of Heroic Discipline


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By: Mrs. Basha Botnick August 7

Of Courage and Righteousness - A Modern Day Chof Av Story

Tzion Goldstein is an example of courage and righteousness, qualities so desperately needed at this time. ...

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By: Etel (Tzion's Sister) August 7

My Dear Little Brother:)

Talking about Tzion, Totti for me… is talking about character, strength, simplicity and unconditional generosity. Is to hear the sweetness of his voice, his laughter, his tireless breath. It is remembering an incomparable spiritual being… it is...

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By: Amalia, Tzion's oldest sister August 7

To My Beloved and Cherished Baby Brother-

Where are you Totito? So long without seeing you, without hearing your voice . Your honesty and nobility stood out amongst all around you. You are still alive in my heart. You always had a big heart, always All the people who were close to you learnt...

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By: Gabi, Tzion's Sister August 7

To My Dearest Brother...Toti.


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By: Menachem Mendel Goldstein (Son of Tzion) August 7

Chof Av: Mesiras Nefesh To Be a True Yid During Trials of Suffering


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By: Mrs. Devorah Leah Goldstein (Wife of Tzion) August 7

A Brave, Fearless, Yet Gentle Fighter

Tzion was a very gentle Neshama but also fearless, brave and unafraid when he had to stand up and fight for what was right. ...

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By: The Kovitz Family August 7


Tzion z”l had a ...

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By: Rabbi Moishy Rubin August 7

Beloved to Hashem

פרקי אבות פרק ג: ‏רבי חנינא בן דוסא אומר, כל שרוח ‏הבריות נוחה הימנו ‏רוח המקום נוחה הימנו “ ...

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By: Dr.Jay Lipshitz (An Oncologist of Tzion) August 7

Not An Ordinary Doctor's Patient

Just sitting down and thinking about Tzion brings a smile to my face. Tzion would walk slowly into the office with his bag of TPN (IV nutrition) running. He was calm, he was quiet and he always came prepared with a sefer to read in the waiting room....

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By: (17 Year Old) Esther Brocha Goldstein August 7

TRUTH, (A Song)


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By: (17 Year Old) Shaina Goldstein, Tzion's Daughter August 7

Flickering Flame

After my father’s passing at a young age, darkness seemed to surround me from all sides. ...

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By: Rabbi Abraham Levi August 7

The Gift Of Tzion

Recuerdo a Tzion con mucha alegría. ...

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